Welcome on Sweet Apocalypse

In this mysterious place, our survivors need your help to improve their skills and collect items. You may ask yourself why? When our survivors awoke after long nights, they found that everything had changed and life was no longer as they knew it. Now the journey begins, let's discover together a world after an apocalypse. Our vision is strong, our love is deep, who knows what will happen in this wonderful place. Where are the others? And what happened? All these questions and more are being asked by our Sweeties and they need your help.
Sweet Apocalypse is an NFT driven project implemented by our startup company Sugargames GmbH. There will be a limited Genesis Edition, which will be based on the Solana Blockchain. We have the vision of a game with the possibility to earn items and coins individually or in teams.

Equal Distribution

Each sweet apocalypse avatar is unique and randomly generated from over 120 traits, including headgear, clothing and other properties.
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The Team
Florian [Chippu]
Miss Rosa
Founder/ Webdesign
Miss S